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Upayogee Business Management

Transform your business faster with help from upayogee Business management software no matter where you are on your journey. Capture all of your business information in a single, scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that helps you manage every point of your business from accounting , CRM , purchasing ,sales and Business database

Simplify life at work

Control your entire Business with quick business processes and integrated business intelligence affordable upayogee business management software ERP solution.

Upayogee business management software can help you to manage every point of business and analyze your business data in real time.

Transform your business with exceptional service support of upayogee upayogee business management software connects business and it helps you close the gap between your business planning and execution, it icrease your business planning success rete and increase profitability.

upayogee business management
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Key feature
  • Enquiry Management/ Lead management

    Enquiry Management/ Lead management is tool for managing all sales opportunities.Hot enquiries / Hot leads from all channels such as direct leads ,enquiries from website such as B2B portal like alibaba , India mart or just dial etc, phone calls, e-mails and other lead generation channels are collected. This gives a overall picture of the enquiry list available for your product.

    Website enquiry,B2B/B2C portal enquiry, lead generation,Phone,massage
  • CRM

    Maximize sales insights and improve processes throughout your pipeline – with the sales capabilities in upayogee business management software CRM. This sales CRM tools cover planning ,Execution and account management, sales analysis and more. Save time to understand customer needs , create and email Quotation and pricing accurately very quick with the sales with feature in upayogee business management software CRM.It also helps to mange daily work of employees and monitor them with work reports.

    Enquiry Report,Events, Quotation,Planning,Execution
  • Sales

    Go beyond traditional sales to deliver exceptional customer experiences

    Attract customers throughout the buying process in a more helpful way. Give your sales teams the complete support they need to increase productivity and profitability and real time information to deliver and conversation with customer from anywhere and anytime with our upayogee business management software.

    Enquiry Report,Sales Planning , Sales order ,Tax invoice ,Sales Report Sales Forecasting
  • Account

    Businessperson can manage account without accountant using upayogee business management software .

    Easy to generate tax invoice , payment receipt , cash flow , Margin analysis , profit and loss , e-mail & print of payment receipt and Tax invoice , account report . expence report .

    Debit & credit report ,profit & loss statement , TAX ,finance management ,Balance sheet
  • Email setting

    Upayogee have Designed a Emailer for our valuable client for free emailer service in Upayogee Business Management software.

    Integrate your own / business email ID to communicate with client , send welcome mail , quotation , Invoice , payment receipt , Business alert , festival wish in single click which help to maintain strong relation with clients.You can manage your templets as per requirement.

    Set Email ID ,Anytime accessible, auto send,manage alerts ,schedule mail
  • SMS setting

    Now you have a own SMS portal where you can send sms to your clients anytime in Upayogee Business Management software. Using your Business sender ID can send sms of welcome ad payments , wish that heps you to maintain strong relation with your clients.

    Set sender ID , anytime accessible , auto send ,manage alert ,schedule sms