About Upayogee software

The result of creative thinking of four Friends

About upayogee

The upayogee Software is worlds pioneer in creating dedicated software for each industry with user friendly to operate , great security , best support and best technology at very affordable price. Browse Upayogee facts below

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Upayogee History

Upayogee software is the result of creative thinking of four Friends : ‘Sai. Ishaque,Santosh and Vaibhav came together to take their dreams to a higher level .Sai had his own firm “Sai Export & Import “ dealing in Electronics trading. He realized inorder to grow his business he needs a user friendly software .

His search brought him across various vendors , he even purchased them but he was disappointed with the service. Sai shared his challenges to vaibhav , who was working with wipro . He suggested the use of SAP technology. Both teamed up and visited the Make in India Exhibition, BKC Mumbai to meet the SAP executive. But were disappointed to know that the software was costly.

They were back in their routine life ,but kept on researching about the software used by different clients. Over the time , they came to know that , all the clients had the same issue –bad support, defective software, over prized ,70 – 80 % of un necessary features added in it. All these factors made them to think “ Can we develop some software which is could meet the clients expectation in terms of money, efficiency and performance .”This thought got them to Ishaque who was a software developer and came from Delhi. Santosh Sir who had 15 years of experience with global companies played the role of mentor .All four started to think about a name for the company which would signify about the work they do . They all zeroed down to a Marathi word उपयोगी (Upayogee) which means useful and helpful.

They then brain stormed about the logo and came up with “Hand” in which each finger meant useful, needful , helpful, user-friendly and effective..This is how Upayogee Software India Pvt. Ltd was founded in World Trade Center ,Pune 2017 with the team of 15 experienced people.

What does upayogee mean ?

Upayogee is derived from original Marathi word उपयोगी (Upayogee) which means useful , needful, helpful , user-friendly and effective.

So philosophy of upayogee to create useful , needful software to each industry is called upayogee software at very affordable price.

How do you say upayogee ?
To create useful need software is the aim so one can pronounce it as word “upayogee”
When was upayogee started ?

Upayogee was founded in 2017 by 4 friends.

Is upayogee committed to sustainability?
Sustainability is core to the overall business strategy at upayogee and our vision to help the world run effective and improve business. For us, sustainability means smoothly managing the financial, social dimensions of business, in order to reduce cost and to grab opportunities for increased growth ,increase productivity , increase efficiency and increase turnover of business.

Worldwide Locations

Upayogee serves to North America , Europe, Asia for now ,access specific Upayogee continents websites.

Innovation at Upayogee

Upayogee innovations across our products, technologies, and programs are motivated by a desire to improve ease of doing business. We use our research and development team to innovate our productand their performance to drive positive change for individuals, organizations, and and business. our innovations defined by our purpose, brought to reality through our products and services

Upayogee Security, Data Protection, and Privacy

At Upayogee, information security is supreme important. We have an excellent track record of safeguarding businesses . You can rest assured that your all data is well-protected from all types of attacks. Take advantage of upayogee’s robust data and IT security, built-in application security, Privacy protection. Upayogee is committed to identifying and addressing every security issue in all upayogee software . Collaborating closely with security research companies and experts helps upayogeeidentify the security issues early to keep software solutions secure.

Our Vision

Upayogee vision is to help people worldwide to use software to expand their business productivity, efficiency and increase profitability and become successful businessperson.


Our goal is become world no 1 company by 2020 as most employee company.

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